Since being founded in 2005, Roden Chemical has focused on the marketing and sales of agrochemicals on the international market. The company was originally established in Shanghai.

In order to expand our global footprint and promote international operations, the company was formally restructured in Singapore on July 6, 2010 under the Singapore Unique Entity Number (UEN) of 201014267H. Leveraging on the advantage of being the largest entrepôt in Asia-Pacific, the company is able to optimize the interaction of information and logistics, thus providing more direct and timely service for clients.

After nearly 20 years of development, Roden Chemical has become a professional agrochemical distributor possessing a broad global sales network and stable supply channels.


In terms of products marketed globally, Roden’s pesticide products are mainly insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and rodenticides. Currently, our insecticides, herbicides and fungicides are mainly sold in Southern Europe, North Africa, Latin America and Middle East markets, while our second generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) are mainly intended for EU BPR participants under EU 528/2012 regulations, as well as the expanding markets of Eastern Europe and the Americas.

Roden Chemical has already established its own sales organization and long-term strategic partners in the international market. Our mature and extensive marketing network, prudent approach and high level of service have enabled us to develop our business steadily.


For the past two decades, we have been committed to providing the finest international marketing and supply chain management. We have established key advantages with major suppliers and stable cooperative relationships with renowned multinational companies.

Our major co-production base is located in Jiangsu province, a region leading the way in chemical manufacturing in China. We possess a sophisticated chemical laboratory equipped with advanced analytical equipment, including an HPLC, electronic balances, nanogram analytical balances, pH meters, digital melting point apparatuses, moisture determination equipment, etc. These facilities help ensures the highest level of quality with our products.

Roden Chemical is powered by employees with rich experience and know-how in chemical engineering, international trade, regulatory compliance, finance, logistics and other areas. Our success comes from embracing the spirit of teamwork and collaboration.


Currently, Roden Chemical is making steady progress toward becoming a consistently profitable and competitive international agrochemical company. In addition to its chemical manufacturing capabilities, the company is constantly evolving its abilities in global procurement, marketing and upstream and downstream integration, proving itself to be an industry leader.